COFFEE - a drink without which many can not do

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My dears, this topic was really difficult for me to open, you will probably hate me because this topic is sensitive here in Macedonia. We do not start the day without coffee, some regularly drink 3, 4, and 5 coffees a day. Life can not move in the right direction if you do not sit in a cafe, restaurant with friends, colleagues, relatives, business contacts, etc. It is simply part of our daily lives. I do not want to say that you should not drink coffee, but I want to share with you interesting information and the latest research that is, at the same time everything has been proven to me in medicine. the moment of enjoying drinking coffee, without any consequences in your body.
Caffeine found in coffee, carbonated beverages, black and green tea, chocolate, cocoa, and soft drinks is addictive for those who consume them. Caffeine intake enters the bloodstream almost immediately, after half an hour our body completely takes over. And what next?
Here is the script:
There is an adenosine compound in the brain, caffeine blocks it. What is adenosine? A compound that has a calming effect (slows down brain cells, and does not lead to sleep) and thus caffeine keeps the body awake because it blocks adenosine. You do not sleep. You are already creating a habit, and you are normally looking for a second dose. In a few hours - a large amount of caffeine poisons your body (about 15 grams)
1 cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine, a cup of black tea has about 50 mg.
For some, after several cups of coffee, anxiety, palpitations and the like occur. In people addicted to caffeine, after they stop drinking coffee they enter an abstinence crisis (they feel bad, headaches, they are sleepy, their blood pressure decreases, they lose concentration…)
But once they drink caffeine again, the symptoms return to normal. Well, now more scientific research shows that mental- (brain) and physical activity can be increased when caffeine is taken, because energy is withdrawn from all the depots of the body, so that in other parts of the body there is a lack of vital energy. But if we do not take caffeine, I mean if someone has never taken a caffeinated drink, these abilities would not be reduced, but normal because in our body there are substances that give us energy even without caffeine.

Now a little about
About 80 herbs contain caffeine. Herbs that use caffeine to defend against insects, which when paralyzed usually paralyze or die. Some claim that caffeine is excreted from the body after a few hours, there is no scientific basis. However, it is true that only about 1% is excreted, says Dr. Cherninski-Clinical Nutritionist from the USA in his book "Caffeine Blues". From 3-12 hours the body needs to detoxify 120 mg cup of coffee. But 20mg of caffeine, the body can fight without difficulty.
You know, it's wrong to say that some diseases are not related to caffeine. Why, I will explain .. Because caffeine stimulates the secretion of adrenaline (stress hormone) it immediately withdraws existing energy from the body to the brain. Then the adrenaline level increases by about 200% from only 120 mg of caffeine!
And it causes stress, in some cases when, for example, when you are in danger, it is very useful.
So, I want to tell you that by consuming caffeinated beverages every day, we cause stress in the body. So, we constantly raise the level of adrenaline, then we are energetically exhausted and do not notice it at all. And carefully… The stress we cause in this way often leads to a jump in blood sugar and fat, and the consequence is that they accumulate in the blood vessels. All this, in turn, has an impact on the digestive system, says in the book Dr. Cherynski. Furthermore, Sabal coffee without drinking water before that, will withdraw a lot of water from your body. You already know that it is a diuretic. Be careful not to dehydrate your body. Caffeine consumption in some cases and in small doses can slow down the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
I think that is enough for you, I wish you to enjoy the new friendships "over coffee" smarter and of course in nice company. Cheers !
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REFERENCE LIST how much caffeine is in mg
Turkish coffee 1 cup - 115 mg
Espresso - 100mg
Iced tea - 70mg
Cooking chocolate - 50mg
Caffeine tablet - 50mg
Energy drink - 80mg
Black tea - 47mg
Green tea - 36mg
White tea - 24mg
Decaffeinated coffee - 08mg
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