Gut Health

     The intestines are one of the most important physiological systems in the body, and many wise practitioners have stated that "all diseases begin and end in the intestines." There are many natural supplements that are recommended for the intestines:

  • DIGEST PLUS - Enzymes of the pancreas that help digestion in the intestines


  • COLFORM - herbal cleanser for the colon and support for the gastrointestinal tract as a whole
  • CONSTFORM - for those who suffer from constipation and want to increase the transit time
  • PARAFORM PLUS ONE - a powerful combination of herbs that help eradicate intestinal parasites Oxygen - Contains magnesium oxide that releases oxygen
    in the intestines and helps balance dysbiosis by eradicating bad bacteria
  • PARAFORMcontain 5 active ingredients that would serve as wonderful accompaniments to our parasite cleanse formula. PARAFORM PLUS ONE. 
  • LI FORMCholesterol Cholesterol is one of the main building blocks of all cell membranes – it is the bricks and mortar of the cell’s structure – it helps to form the lipid bilayer of each cell in our body.
  • WALNUT TINCTUREТинктура од ореви – 150 ml Walnut tincture – 150 ml is a food supplement used to eliminate parasites found in the intestines and can also be used as an anti-fungal.

Other products: