"Primum non nocerum" - Hippocrates

Why Holiomedica

The best way to help the body heal is to identify the triggers, rather than helping the body to heal through a myriad of 

Dietary approaches

Herbal medicine



Detoxification protocols

We use a natural approach that does not involve medication or surgery

More than 15 years of experience

Health trainers view exercise, eating, well-being, and food not only as calories and weight loss, but also as mental, physical, and spiritual.

Years of experience
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Different Therapies

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine combines centuries-old natural therapies with the most current medical science to achieve optimal health for the whole patient: Mind, body and whole family, from prenatal health to gynecological care.

It is a progressive system of medicine that puts equal emphasis on staying healthy.

Treat the whole person.
Recognizing the many effects on our health: physical, emotional, genetic, genetic, spiritual, environmental, and their myriad combinations, physicians naturally treat each patient as a separate individual.

The most terrifying tool in a naturopath's physician's alcove is the body's own ability to heal.

Naturopathic medicine sees the symptoms as an indication of a deeper problem. Thus, instead of simply suppressing the symptom, the focus is on treating the source of the problem.

Minimizing the potential for side effects, naturopathic therapies are gentle, non-toxic, and non-invasive.

Physicians naturally believe that informed patients are becoming more active participants in their own health and may even inspire others to do the same.

One summary does not suit everyone when it comes to health. Physicians naturally adjust each patient's health regimen and then work with him or her to achieve it.

What our customers have to say about us

I had a problem with 4 year old and 2 year old children. The mother only prescribed antibiotics every time they got sick in kindergarten and there was no end to it. I met Dr. Vasia in a very humane and cheerful shop and immediately started talking to my children. I told her about the problem, I went to her and the problem was solved without any antibiotics. Wonderful experience and approach.

Adrijana, I Client

For years I had problems with digestion and my blood count was great. In Holiomedika they discovered what the problem was and in 2 months I returned to normal. I am still a regular client and very satisfied with the experience and knowledge of Dr. Vasia.

Vladimir P. Client

My experience was beyond expectations. A friend recommended me to Vasia. I had problems with E.Coli and we solved the problem in a short time. A wonderful person, he taught me how to take care of myself and I changed my lifestyle.

Natalija, Ohrid Client

The doctor came to our house because we were not able to go out. She was carrying the therapy and we talked a lot about my condition with advanced cancer at that time. Here, 1 year later, the markers and all the parameters improved.

Пеце. С Client

I have a great experience with Holiomedika. I had problems with bile, I was recommended to the doctor, he did a detox for me, and then protocols for removing the stones. They came out and I feel great

Maja, E