About Us

What is Holiomedica

Holomedica is a holistic practice that specializes in treating a variety of chronic illnesses and nutrition, as well as less serious problems such as digestive problems, headaches, migraines, candida, heavy metal toxicity, and personal holistic psychotherapy.

At Holiomedika we have unique treatments that will help you conceive, achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We offer individually tailored assessments and take pride in our warm and personalized approach to medicine.
With a focus on a holistic perspective and the belief that everything inside is interconnected, we address the multiple aspects of the mind-body-spirit interaction. Holistic medicine has believed for thousands of years that balance can only be achieved by treating our physical, emotional, and mental bodies as one.

Treatable conditions

Our experience has shown that holistic medicine successfully treats:

and many other common and unique disorders

We are a holistic medicine center that offers practical health methods for people who want to find out the root cause of their health problems. Our treatment center combines the best of conventional medicine and state-of-the-art technology to give you lasting relief.

Our practical approach to health has proven successful in treating chronic conditions, diet assessment and diet therapy.

Во Холиомедика, веруваме дека не мора да продолжите да живеете со вашата болест. За да започнете со патот кон исцелување, јавете се сега на тел.бр. 078 339 070 или на тел.бр. 078-884 333 за да дознаете повеќе за тоа што можеме да направиме за вас користејќи алтернативна медицина.

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