Ionizing detox footbath

Ionizing detox foot bath

It sets up a type of osmosis condition, which drains toxins from the body. When you first put your feet in the water, the water is clear. By the end of 35 min. the bathroom, the water has changed color due to cellular waste and impurities present in the water.

Impurities are drawn out of the body, improving the body's natural elasticity. Cells photographed under a dark-field microscope show marked improvements after just one bath. Cells are free floating and rounded, looking much more hydrated and oxygenated. The cell walls are clearer and less dense and work with the water in your body, activating, energizing and balancing the meridians.

Scientifically tested for its effectiveness in eliminating Mercury with good results.

Regular use can achieve:

Cleaning the cells
Anti aging
Strengthened immune system
Clearer skin
It activates the body's natural elimination system, including the lymph nodes
Joint/Pain Relief
Weight loss
Increased circulation
Increased circulation
Reduced swelling/inflammation
Improved joint stiffness

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What our customers have to say about us

"After 8 years of feeling very unwell, fatigued and joint pain, unable to concentrate and a lot of gut issues I decided to try Biomagnetic therapy. The therapist found many bacterias, viruses, fungus and parasites in my system despite my blood tests coming back clear everytime. After 4 sessions I began to feel much better and after 6 I am back to my old self again. This is an amazing therapy and has given me my health back. Very grateful!" Kristina

Kristina Client

"I gladly recommend biomagnetic therapy with Dr. Vasia. She pays too much attention to details. I was very upset when I first visited and between deep tissue massage, massage and magnetic vapor therapy, I'm like a different person. Fibromyalgia, muscle cramps, fatigue, bloating and chronic pain and headaches are treated. Completely holistic personal treatment and always welcome. If you do not feel well, for any reason - visit this amazing lady. You will not regret". Igor M.

Igor.M Client