We can give the right therapy, but the person is the one who should follow our advice!



When a condition persists and is not treated, or improves very little despite persistent medical treatment, then not everything is sufficiently diagnosed and covered with therapy. And most often the problem is that the specialists treat the patient partially, without having the complete picture of the organism, and the organism is a connected system, a whole "story". Natural healers helped with this last and very important link.

Mrs. Trpenovska, you are a doctor of natural medicine. Explain to us at the beginning what that means?

- A doctor of holistic medicine is a doctor who believes that the mind, body and spirit of the patient improves his own health and well-being. The focus is first on prevention and second on treatment.

This is a new profile of a profession in our country, and it is known in the world and has been functioning for a long time, but in the interest of the readers - is it a new method or science, or something that has existed for a long time? 

The principles of naturopathy were first used by the Hippocratic School of Medicine around 400 BC. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed in looking at the whole person to find the cause of the disease. It used the laws of nature medicatrix naturae - the healing power of nature to encourage healing. Nature is the doctor of disease. It is from this original school that naturopathy begins to spread. The body has the ability to heal if given the right conditions and naturopathy, along with acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and most other holistic modalities are the basis of understanding the body's own innate intelligence.

What was the motivation to start this profession?

- I had many motives. I first understand medicine from when I remember about myself. I come from a doctor family where my father gave me lectures every day on immunity, bacteria, cancer, microbiology, etc. haha. I have been a humanist for 20 years, caring for people is my passion, I love medicine, and I have been and will be a patient like all of us. I want to know how I will avoid the moment one day they tell me: if you do not take these chemicals and radiation, you will die! So after a lot of research, Holistics has opened up another dimension of healing for me, which I understand - I am personally healed, and I am convinced that this is the path I want to take.Chronic and autoimmune diseases are the new epidemic in the world, and classical medicine does not help enough in that area. Because it is about the science of nutrition, where do these diseases come from, and from there they need to be treated.

You studied in Cyprus and America, but you also had practical training. Is the approach to setting up diaganosis and prescribing therapy the same as in classical medicine or are there differences? 

The diagnosis is the same in any model of medicine. If a person suffers from diabetes, or cancer, anywhere in the world in any health institution the same will be confirmed. Setting up therapy is not the same, normal. We have a holistic approach.

We cooperate with a private clinic and government departments. How to establish contact with the patient and discover the causes? 

Establishing contact is not difficult, I also have mentors in the state clinic with whom we have excellent cooperation. And that makes me happy because that relationship has to exist. When I work with a person (patient, I do not want to express myself like that because he is a person and not a patient, the word patient itself creates a bad feeling in a person then he starts to be afraid and feel that the condition is worse than it is), I have to I know and examine his entire history. In the period when treatment will start, there are people who already have their own cardiologists, endocrinologists, oncologists and in fact we must work together to bring the person in better health. That is the goal. Not to spread ego and vanity. To be a Doctor, you must swear by the Hippocratic Oath. The patient is the most important and there is still no controversy.

All lay people say that food and stress are basic causes, and there are countless ways to improve, but in spite of everything we are more and more susceptible to diseases day by day. What is true? 

- There are several reasons. I always put the diet first. What we eat today is fast food, processed food full of additives, after restaurants the menus are full of fries, chicken fingers, french fries, etc .. Meals are eaten several times a day, eaten late in the evening. I notice in the restaurants, in the evenings at 9, 10 pm people eat large portions. The percentage of gastrointestinal problems has increased enormously. It has never been like this. The percentage of cancer patients has increased, not to mention diabetes. Now the air that is not clean, pesticides also play a role. Stress is the biggest enemy of the immune system. Once the pandemic started, fear took over. And it is also the cause of a drastic weakening of immunity. Of course there is a way to improve. That's why we are here, but the most important thing is how you maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

How much do your methods help to treat patients with coronary artery, which is now the most relevant.

- Holistic methods help, we have a treatment protocol for Covid, diet therapy, and especially in the psychosomatic part where it is now most needed. But I have discovered something that is now new, and in fact as old as humanity itself: the only help is self-help and the only way to heal is self-healing. What does that mean? We can give the right therapy, but the person is the one who should follow and follow our advice. I can cure you, but if you do not cooperate and adhere to it, everything would be pointless, right? Very simple.

You say health is a combination of physical, emotional, genetic, spiritual and environmental factors. how do we strike the perfect balance between all these things? 

Open fridge full of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy food background, organic nutrition, health care, dieting concept

- Very simple. take a probiotic, include cultured foods every day and make sure you have foods rich in fiber prebiotics. Add bone broth to your diet. Collagen helps to create a healthy mucous membrane. It is essential for healthy blood vessels to take a combination of mineral supplements and plant extracts designed to stimulate vascular relaxation of smooth muscle, endothelial function and circulation. Aim for 15 minutes a day in a calm meditative state. you can use an application as a headspace. if you are able to go out for a short time, do it for 15-30 minutes a day. Go to bed earlier, have a good night's sleep.If you can expose yourself to the sun for at least 15 minutes a day that is enough vitamin D. Drink plenty of water. More fruits and vegetables. Cut down on processed foods. Avoid negative people, avoid negativity in yourself.

You share your recommendations and tips on the Eurydice Nutrition site, without interaction. What is your goal for this way of addressing the public?

- Yes, the reason and the idea was born at the moment when I saw that people do not have a direction and direction how to think when it comes to taking supplements, proper nutrition, especially after we face the new epidemic. Various opinions are circulating, good and bad, sufficiently researched and unfortunately insufficiently researched and placed on the people who are blindly guided to those advices by some nutritionists who are born overnight. Various medical personnel who are neither immunologists nor epidemiologists but want and influence the public while leading people to feel insecure in the health system. What is the result of all this? The goal is to give advice that is accurate, scientifically sound and that people can be sure of in their opinion about supplements, diet, healthy lifestyle and many other topics. None of us have time to talk all day online, neither our followers nor I. The site is purely informative, but of course everyone has the right to contact me.

Nutrition is an important science, a science of nutrition based on the latest scientific advances in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, toxicology and physiology. But all this for the sake of good health. How much do we need or perhaps need knowledge of this science to be useful and better version of ourselves, with better health?

- My opinion, but I am convinced that it is so- Each of us should be educated on how to eat, do not let it wait and be too late. Prevention is the most important but also the most annoying for many people because our people will come to the clinic only when it is late. It is very difficult to eradicate it, but we work hard and invest in educating people how to create healthy living habits. Because remember, we all have children. Do not let your children be left with the worst food, and it happens. Parents are role models, if we eat well, we will teach children to eat well. Here I say let it be 70/30. Children are our future. If we do not invest in them, we do not create a healthy nation. And when there is no healthy nation - there is no healthy state. My plans are to implement the plan for proper nutrition of children in schools next year and I sincerely hope that we will reach an understanding from the competent government to make it happen.

How can people cope with the decline of winter immunity, what is best to take in this period, to consume as food and drink, as a habit and procedures?

- I will say it again. Avoid carbonated

drinks, do not drink cold juices, alcohol. Get enough hydration, drink plenty of water. Fruit and vegetables! Most importantly, they contain fiber with many benefits to your health. Eat whole grains, red fruits like raspberries, blackberries, black currants, elderberries, they are full of antioxidants. Eat omega 3 fatty acids, olive oil, do not eat fried foods, at least reduce. It's different but, in moderation, do not overeat. Of course sarmas are inevitable during this period and do not avoid them. Cabbage, garlic, leeks, broccoli, onions and carrots should be an integral part of the diet this period. Do not eat a lot of meat, 2-3 times a week is enough. Do not overeat, and do not eat in the evening. Vitamin B is extremely important for the cells of the immune system. The most important are folic acid and B6. Folic acid is important for Vitamin B-12 and methionine (amino acid) as well as choline (it is a substance that increases the production of lymphocytes. B6 helps our body to produce cysteine ​​(amino acid) from methionine, the most important amino acid for the immune system. Creating B5 antibodies is important, it helps macrophages and killer cells do their job.There is a lot to talk about here, but more on that in my book that I will publish next year.About supplements, the most important minerals for good health are: Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Selenium.

Finally, I want to ask you a question, can an ordinary vitamin be taken without a prescription and without a recommendation from a personal doctor? How do people navigate the sea of ​​ads for various supplements, how do people find and choose the right ones?

- The amount and type of supplements we take in our diet can have good and bad effects on our health. When you ingest concentrated vitamins and minerals, you are in danger. The natural balance in the food chain can be disturbed. Large amounts of supplements can cause various types of health disorders, especially in children and pregnant women.For example, potatoes or carrots contain Vitamin C, beta carotene, myacin, potassium, fiber and other phytochemicals. It is a natural multivitamin that the body accepts best. When looking at supplement ads, be careful who produces them. If the product is new and there are not enough studies on it, it can be questionable. If that product is advertised as a supplement that works wonders for your health, it is even more questionable. You need to be careful with herbs. If you are taking industrially produced amino acids, do not do so without consulting a professional. Sports and energy drinks, even those written on - with natural color and aroma - may conceal bad ingredients.These ingredients will hardly give you energy, just a stimulant. Always consult a professional for supplements, do not take them by your own choice. Supplements are good for patients who can not take them through food because they have health problems. V.G



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